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Nest machine

Nest machine

The rolled or extruded pasta sheet with width from 300 to 500mm

On request equipped with: rolling group for adjusting the thickness of pasta sheets composed of a pair of rectified chrome-plated rollers; automatic tray feeding capacity n. 8 trays cm. 60×120 with automatic tray advancement;tray support after forming, equipped with pre-drying fans;

electric variable speed drive for direct coupling with the rolling mill or the press.

Technical characteristics of the NIDITRICE: productivity 200-340 Kg/hour; interchangeable cutting groups;

pneumatic pipe lifting system to form nests of different sizes on request; cross-cutting unit composed of a timed blade for determining the length of the product synchronized with a device for moving the trays.


Indusrial and automatic noodle nest machine to make tagliatelle, fettuccine, pappardelle.