Pasta dryer

Drying is however a heat treatment which must bring the
product from 30% humidity to 12%, if possible, in less than
12 hours (so as to be able to do a double daily rotation). It is
therefore a very strong treatment that can spoil the formats of
the most delicate pasta such as spaghetti. The drying curve is
predefined by the pasta manufacturer and is reasoned to
dehydrate the pasta evenly from its core to the outermost
part. The parameters to be defined are the cycles,
temperature, humidity, and the tempering or resting phases.
This is the process in which pasta makers put all their
experience into practice.

Continuous dryer for short pasta lines of 300kg/h and above avalaible. The tunnel dryers have been designed and planned to meet the needs of producers who seek ease of use,simplicity and the quality of the artisan installation in the contest of a more industrial and automated project, even while maintaining a very high-quality price/ratio.