Professional machines for home

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Restaurants, catering, laboratory

And custom production line

Choosing the right equipments with the budget that suits you is an important thing.
The quality of the machines is visible after about five years of use.
We offer advanced machines that free you from the uncertainties and variables associated with the operator’s work.

Machine à extrusion et enrouleur de pate

Extruder Machines and Pasta Rollers

Machine combiné

Combined Machines

Machine a ravioli et pelmeni

Ravioli and pelmeni machines

Machine à cappelleti, ravioli saccottini

Cappelletti, ravioli, and saccottini machines

Laminoir de pates

Pasta sheeter

Machine à gnocchi

Gnocchi Machines

Coupe de pates

Pasta cutter

Machine à papillon

Farfalle machines

Machine à nid

Nest machines

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Customised production line

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Pasta dryer

Machine à extrusion AE1

Other machines

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